Bart Smith Photography

​Walking Down a Dream

​Appalachian Trail

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    Plaque at southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Springer Mountain, Georgia. Chattahoochie National Forest.
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    Spring Oak Leaves, (May) Blood Mountain Georgia. Chattahoochie National Forest.
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    "Trail Blazer" (Volunteer) Along Appalachian Trail. Chattahoochie National Forest, GA.
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    View south from Standing Indian Mountain, North Carolina. (May) Nantahala National Forest.
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    "Wasilik Poplar" near Rock Gap. Worlds second largest Poplar. Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina.
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    Frog from A.T. near Sweetwater Gap. Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina.
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    A.T. south of Clingmans Dome, Great Smokky Mountain National Park.
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    Earl Shaffer (wearing pith helmet) leading the Trail Fest Parade. Hot Springs NC. (1998)
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    French Broad River and village of Hot Springs NC from "Lovers Leap" overlook.
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    Apple Tree at Devil Fork Gap, NC/Tenn. (Dawn) Pisgah National Forest.
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    Appalachian Trail heading north towards Big Bald, Tenn/NC.. Pisgah National Forest
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    Evening view from Roan High Bluff. Tenn/NC, Pisgah National Forest
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    Mushrooms from A.T. near Laurel Gorge Tenn. Cherokee National forest
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    Autumn afternoon along Brushy Mountain, VA. (October) Jefferson National Forest.
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    McAffee Knob, VA. Washington-Jefferson National Forest
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    Appalachian Trail Sign (with a stick bug) Washington-Jefferson National Forest.
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    Morning sun through St Johns Episcopal Church, just off the A.T. in Harpers Ferry West Virginia.
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    Potomac River from Weverton Cliffs, Maryland. (Morning)
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    View north from Black Rocks, Maryland. (February)
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    Appalachian Trail heading north out of Delaware Water Gap. New Jersey.
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    Gold Finch on Thistle, Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge. New Jersey
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    Dawn view of the village of Cheshire from The Cobbles overlook. Massachusetts (October)
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    Dawn view south from Glastonbury Lookout. Vermont
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    A.T. footbridge heading south towards Velvet Rocks. New Hampshire
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    Owlshead Mountain and Pemigewasset Wilderness from Mt Garfield. White Mountain. New Hampshire
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    Windy autumn day on the Appalachian Trail along Cascade Mountain. Mahoosuc Range, New Hampshire.
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    Clouds and the moon reflected amonst lilypads on Speck Pond. Mahoosuc Range, Maine.
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    A.T. along Hall Mountain, Maine.
  29. Managing Director
    Sawyer Brook, Maine.
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    Spruce Grouse, Bemis Mountain. Bemis Range, Maine.
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    Earl Shaffer on shore of Bald Mountain Pond along his 1998 Thru-hike. Maine
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    Lake Onawa from Barren Ledges. 100 Mile Wilderness, Maine.
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    Rainbow Stream lean-To. 100 Mile Wilderness. Maine
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    Passing storm over Mt Katahdin from Abol Bridge over Penobscot River. Maine
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    Mt Katahdin reflected in the West Branch of the Penobscot River. (Morning) (October) Maine
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    Bryant Ridge Shelter. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia.
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    Blooming Azalea from the Appalachian Trail, VA. (April) Shenandoah National Park
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    Appalachian Trail heading north from Manassas Gap, VA. (Feb)
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    Sunrise from Pulpit Rock, Pa. (May)
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    Autumn color from the A.T. along Harriman State Park, New York. (October)
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    A.T. thru-hiker crossing Orbeton Stream. Maine
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    Cow Moose on Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine
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    Dawn view of The Hudson River from the A.T. along Bear Mountain. New York
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    Fog along Juanita River from Hawk Rock, Pa. (May) (morning)
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    Angel Hair Fern from A.T. near Dalton, Massachusetts.
Summary of the Trail

1968 - Appalachian NST

The Appalachian NST is a 2,190 mile, 250,000-acre greenway extending from Maine to Georgia. Based on the inspiring vision of Benton MacKaye in the 1920's, this trail was first completed in 1938, although through-hikers along the entire route were uncommon until the 1960's.  One key leader, Myron Avery, a federal government admiralty lawyer and chairman of the ATC from 1930 to 1952, was able to attract and organize many people to work on the "AT" cause. The ATC, founded in 1925 is known today as the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. It works to maintain and protect the trail and educate people involved with the Trail. Its volunteers work in every season to maintain trail tread, stonework, blazes, and signs.The Trail is administered by the National Park Service in close coordination with the USDA Forest Service.