Bart Smith Photography

​Walking Down a Dream

​Pacific Crest Trail

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    View north from back of monument designating the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. On the U.S./Mexican border near Campo Ca.
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    Pacific Crest Trail heading through Cottonwood Valley, Ca.
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    View north along east side of Laguna Mountain. Laguna Mountains, Ca
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    Aguave, Barrel Cactus and Octillo. Anza Borrego State Park, Ca.
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    "Eagle Rock", a granite outcropping near the P.C.T. in San Jose Del Valle south of Warner Springs, Ca.
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    Limber Pine and distant Mount San Antonio from near the top of Mt Baden Powell. San Gabriel Mountains, Sheep Mountain Wilderness, Ca.
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    Kern River. South Sierra Wilderness, Ca.
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    Windblown grass twig, Sawmill Mtn, Ca.
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    Foxtail Pines. Golden Trout Wilderness, Ca.
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    Weathered remnant of a Foxtail Pine, Golden Trout, Wilderness, Ca.
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    Moonset over tarn along Bighorn Plateau. Sequoia National Park, Ca.
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    Guitar Lake from the John Muir Trail, Sequoia National Park (A side trip from the PCT)
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    View down Palisades Basin from Mather Pass. Kings Canyon National Park, Ca.
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    John Muir Hut on Muir Pass. Kings Canyon National Park, Ca. (evening)
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    Evolution Basin from Muir Pass. Kings Canyon National Park, Ca.
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    Wanda Lake and Mt Goddard. Evolution Basin. Kings Canyon, Ca.
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    Mt Huxley and polished granite in Evolution Basin. From the J.M.T./P.C.T, Kings Canyon National Park.
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    Glacier polished columns atop Devils Postpile. Devils Postpile National Monument. Ca.
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    Devils Postpile. Devils Postpile National Monument, Ca.
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    Deer in Tuolumne Meadows. Yosemite National Park, Ca.
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    Leconte Falls, Tuolumne River. Yosemite National Park. Ca.
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    View from P.C.T., Immigrant Wilderness, Ca.
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    Sun setting in the west behind White Bark Pine from the P.C.T. along Sierra Butte, Ca.
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    White Fir Forest with yellow lichens from P.C.T.. Bucks Lake Wilderness, Ca.
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    Ponderosa pines at base of Cinder Cone. Mt Lassen national Park, Ca. (Cinder cone is a side trip from the P.C.T.).
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    Volcanic landscape from atop Cinder Cone . Mt Lassen National Park, Ca. (Cinder cone is a side trip from the P.C.T.)
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    Geologic feature known as "The Statue". Russian Wilderness, Ca.
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    Pacific Crest Trail Northbound along the Siskiyou Mtn Range. Oregon.
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    Crater Lake in dawn light. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.
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    Moon rise. Crater Lake National Park, Ca.
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    Diamond Peak reflected in Diamond View lake. Diamond Peak Wilderness, Oregon.
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    Pacific Crest Trail through Lodgepole Pine forest. Diamond Peak Wilderness, Oregon
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    Dee Write Observatory below Belknap Crater. Three Sisters Wilderness,Or.
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    Storm over Mt Jefferson from above Jefferson Park, Mt Jefferson Wilderness, Or. (This storm created forest fires which burned for a month)
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    P.C.T. hiker and Kings Castle. Marble Mountain Wilderness.
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    Little Crater Lake. (A short side trip from the P.C.T.) south of Mt Hood. Oregon
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    False Hellebore. Mt Hood Wilderness, Oregon.
  38. Managing Director
    Ramona Falls. Mt Hood Wilderness, Oregon.
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    A younger Infinite Dust, nice cut-offs.
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    Fern display along Eagle Creek Trail. Columbia Wilderness, Oregon.
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    Maidenhair fern along Eagle Creek Trail. Columbia Wilderness, Oregon.
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    Pacific Crest Trail along Big Lava Bed. Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Wa.
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    Mt St Helens erupting. From the P.C.T. along the Sawtooth Berry Patch Ridge. Just outside Indian Heaven Wilderness, Wa.
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    Mt Adams from the P.C.T.. Mt Adams Wilderness.
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    Mt Rainier from a clearcut near Dandy Pass. Wa.
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    Grasshopper on Pasque Flower near Chinook Pass, William O. Douglas Wilderness. Wa.
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    Waptus Lake, Alpine Lakes Wilderness.
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    Mature forest along the Pacific Crest Trail, Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Wa.
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    Image Lake and Glacier Peak, Glacier Peak Wilderness. (morning) (A side trip from the PCT)
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    Pacific Crest Trail along Tamarack Peak. Pasayten Wilderness.
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    View west from Lakeview Ridge of a weather change over the North Cascades, Pasayten Wilderness. Wa.
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    Pacific Crest Trail northern terminus at the U.S.A./Canada Border. Pasayten Wilderness.
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    Lupine, Indian Heaven Wilderness, Wa.
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    Oak, Warner Springs Valley, Ca.

Summary of the Trail

1968 - Pacific Crest NST

The Pacific Crest NST features both dramatic elevation changes and long, relaxing sections just at timberline along the Sierra and Cascade Mountains of the American West.  It connects the hot and arid Mojave Desert to the High Sierras, the dramatic volcanic Cascade peaks of the Northwest to the forests of Canada.  Organized by Californian Clinton C. Clarke in the 1930s, this trail runs 2,650 miles between the Mexican and Canadian borders through California, Oregon and Washington.  In the Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks the Trail runs along the western slopes of 14,494-foot Mount Whitney.  This trail links together 25 national forests, 6 NPS units, and numerous state parks.  It is administered by the USDA Forest Service in close partnership with the Pacific Crest Trail Association. If offers unparalleled mountain landscapes, canyons, lakes, and fascinating wildlife.

(Scherer, Glenn, 2002 "America's National Trails: Journeys Across Land and Time, Guilford, CT: Falcon Press,             pp. 62-65)