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​Walking Down a Dream

Washington-Rochambeau Trail

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    Vernon House, General Rochambeau's headquarters, Newport, Rhode Island.
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    Rochambeau Statue and monument at King Park, Newport, Rhode Island.
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    Boston Harbor from Long Wharf, Boston, Mass.
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    Old State House from State Street, Boston, Mass.
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    Kings Chapel Burying Ground, (cemetery), Boston, Mass.
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    Buildings downtown Boston from Kilby Street, Boston, Mass.
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    Myself at Long Wharf along Boston Harbor about to start my walk of the Washington-Rochambeau, Mass. Photo taken by Ron Strickland.
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    Rutland Washington community garden, Boston, Mass.
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    Doing my best Top Cat impression, Boston, Mass.
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    Leafscape, from camp south of Foxborough, Mass.
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    Street scene from Main St and Broad St down town Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
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    Artwork in store window, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
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    Along North Main St, Providence Rhode Island.
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    Along HW 1 north of Pawtucket, Mass.
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    Memorial to a local fallen soldier, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
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    Crossing the Connecticut river into Hartford, Conn.
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    Mural from Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, Southington, Conn.
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    Marker designating Washington-Rochambeau Route crossing of the Housatonic River near Newtown, Conn.
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    600-year-old Old Oak Tree in churchyard overlooked Rochambeau's troops marching past. Basking Ridge, New Jersey, (Unfortunately the tree may be dying)
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    Original segment of the Washington-Rochambeau along Old Canterbury Road, Plainfield, Connecticut.
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    Granite post designating the Washington-Rochambeau Route near Bolton, Connecticut.
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    Joseph Webb House, from backyard garden. Here Washington and Rochambeau planned the campaign ending at Yorktown. 1781. Wethersfield, Connecticut.
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    Tombstone of a local man who walked with the Rochambeau's troops as a paid employee at the age of 17. He witnessed the British surrender at Yorktown, returned home and lived a long life. Ridgbury Cemetery, Connecticut.
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    Connecticut countryside still appearing much like when Rochambeau's troops walked by July 1, 1781 along Ridgbury rd southwest of Danbury, Conn.
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    Balanced Rock a glacial erratic, North Salem, New York.
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    Odell House, Greenburgh, New York. Rochambeau Headquarters from July 6 to Aug 19 1781.
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    Kiosk painting of the Rochambeau's troops en route, downtown White Plains, New York.
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    Air force Thunderbird jets practicing for Labor Day aerial show, over George Washington's Headquarters, Newburgh, New York.
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    Re-created camp setting at Stony Point State Park, Stony Point, New York.
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    Camp near Lincoln Park, New Jersey.
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    Camp near Lincoln Park, New Jersey.
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    Henry Doremus House South of Lincoln Park, New Jersey.
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    South of Hanover, New Jersey.
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    Front view of Washington's Winter Headquarters / Ford Mansion, Morristown National Historic Park, Morristown, New Jersey.
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    Likeness (ghost?) of George Washington from reflected branches appearing to look out of his former office window, at Washington's Winter Headquarters / Ford Mansion, Morristown National Historic Park, Morristown, New Jersey. (Likeness is in lower right quadrant).
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    George and Martha's bedroom at Washington's Winter Headquarters / Ford Mansion, Morristown National Historic Park, Morristown, New Jersey.
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    Replica soldiers houses at Pennsylvania line encampment site 1779 - 1780, Morristown National Historic Park, Near Morristown, New Jersey.
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    Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, New Jersey. I got crazy with the digital sliders)
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    Mud turtles and Great Blue Heron from Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, New Jersey.
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    Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail, south of Princeton, New Jersey.
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    Trenton Battle Monument, topped by a bronze likeness of George Washington. Downtown Trenton, New Jersey.
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    Mural downtown Trenton on Warren and Front St, New Jersey.
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    Washington-Rochambeau banner along HW 13 near Pennypack Creek north of Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Along Frankford Ave Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Building on E Elkhart Street and Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Mural on side of Philadelphia Brewing on Frankford Ave and E Hagert St, Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Myself with Chinese tourist in front of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa. I did tell her most American's don't travel like this. She was on a visit to the States with her sister.
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    Statue of George Washington in front of Independence Hall, Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Independence Hall, Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Independence Hall, Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia, Pa.
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    Rochambeau Historic designation sign, Chester, PA.
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    Delaware Pennsylvania border along the Washington-Rochambeau.
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    Evening storm from camp near Joppa, Maryland.
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    Row housing, Baltimore from E. Fayette Street, Maryland.
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    Steve Wescott (right) myself and Steve's hiking partner from Switzerland. Steve walked with a goat carrying his supplies across the country from Seattle to New York via Washington, D.C.. We met by chance along HW 1 just south of Baltimore, Maryland.
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    Site of Rhodes Tavern North of Washington DC.
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    I have never been accused of being a brainiac. Downtown Washington DC.
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    Washington Monument from the WW II memorial, Washington DC.
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    Washington Monument from Capital Mall near Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.
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    Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C..
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    Camp along HW 1 near Fort Belvoir, Va.
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    Washington Rochambeau sign along HW 1, Va.
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    Old road swale from just off River Road near Crump Creek, Virginia.
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    "Scary T.V. show" Dumped television in woods, from camp near Richmond Road (HW 60), a few miles north of Williamsburg, Va.
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    Horse pasture, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.
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    Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia.
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    Victory Monument, Yorktown, Virginia.
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    Union Jack over Fusiliers Redoubt at Yorktown National Historical park. Yorktown, Virginia.
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    Plaque honoring Earl Cornwallis, the British general in charge of the defeated British troops at the Battle of Yorktown. Nelson House garden, Yorktown National Historical Park, Virginia.
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    Cannon display at location of Grand French Battery, Yorktown Historical National Park, Virginia.
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    Painting depicting the surrender of the British troops at Yorktown at the Surrender Field, Yorktown National Historical Park, Virginia.
  72. Managing Director
    Myself with re-enactors, Yorktown National Historical Park upon completing my walk of the Washington Rochambeau Historic Route, Virginia.

Summary of the Trail

2009 - Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route NHT

The "W3R" Trail commemorates the contribution that French armed forces made in helping Americans win the American Revolution.  Landing in late fall of 1780 in Newport, RI, General Rochambeau spent the winter there with his troops.  The next spring and summer these forces, with artillery, moved across the Connecticut hills to join George Washington's forces at Philipsburg, NY.  By this time British General Cornwallis had brought his forces to the Yorktown Peninsulain in Virginia.  Sensing a strategic opportunity, Generals Washington and Rochambeau moved their forces south as quickly as possible, arriving in time to lay siege to the British and force a surrender, ending the war.  The French then headed north using the same roads and campsites, returning to Boston where ships removed them to Frances.  Adminstered by NPS, this trail serves as a sequal to the Overmountain Victory NHT in the South.